Sister Girlfriend

Sister Girlfriend is a glittery, shimmery pop band from Seattle, made up of friends David Balatero, Rob Hanlon, Ryan Batie, and Chris Icasiano. They imagine a future where every groove bumps and every melody sparkles. They are forward-looking but backward-leaning, marrying the rhythms and harmonic density of R&B with the push/pull dynamic between space and forward movement of house music. They tie myriad influences together with melodies that glance at both contemporary electronic pop and blue-eyed soul. Sister Girlfriend aims to put a boogie in your butt, your heart, and your brain.

Press Quotes

Whether you do the hustle, pop & lock, or dance a jig, this song oughta get you moving, it’s really as much fun as you can possibly have with pants on.
The music of Sister Girlfriend suggests a fantasy world where a brash Hall & Oates go on a prog-rock/futuristic-R&B bender.
This is the type of shit that makes you want to pile your friends in a car, fill the cooler with Lime-A-Ritas, and watch the sunset on the beach. Who cares if it's 45 degrees outside?

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Photos by Christina Hicks

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